Why I Became a Midwife – Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies
Before becoming a parent, in 2002 I studied Psychology at McGill university, worked in crisis support with survivors of recent and past sexual violence and, while living in British Columbia, I worked as a counsellor and family mediator for young people engaged in risky behaviours. Before entering Midwifery Education Program (MEP), I worked for a Toronto agency that provides supportive housing to a wide range of people at risk for homelessness. These experiences showed me the strength that lies within each one of us during even the most challenging life situations and the great value that comes from healthy, supportive relationships during these times.
It was the high quality, client-centred, well informed and confidence building care that I received from my own midwives that inspired me to become a midwife; to be with childbearing people and their families during one of life’s most challenging, joyful and potentially transformational times. I graduated with honours from Ryerson University MEP in 2013 and have been grateful ever since for the combination of science and support that a career in midwifery provides. I am always awed by the strength and wisdom of women and it is an honour to integrate my own passion for holistic health, wellness and autonomy into the personal care of each person who shares the experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenting with me.