The recommendation is that everyone who is considering pregnancy be fully up to date on their routine vaccinations. Many vaccines are not recommended during pregnancy because of the risk to the baby. In Ontario, there are two standard recommended vaccines in pregnancy. Your care provider may recommend other vaccines depending on your individual circumstances.

Pregnant people are at higher risk of flu complications due to changes in the immune system.
The flu shot is publicly funded in Ontario – get yours at: a pharmacy, family doctor, walk-in clinic or public health clinic.
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2. TDAP VACCINE (“Pertussis” or “Whooping Cough”)
Includes protection against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis.
The recommendation is to receive Tdap in every pregnancy regardless of previous vaccinations. This is to protect your baby against pertussis from birth until they receive their own vaccination.
Tdap is recommended between 21-32 weeks of pregnancy and can be given by a family doctor or nurse practitioner.

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