Please ONLY use pager for immediate concerns or emergencies

PAGER: 416 467-6616

If you do not hear back from a midwife within 15 minutes, page again.
If you still don’t hear back – page another midwife
If you still do not hear back it may be that the paging system is not working. In that case, call the clinic office at 416-424-1976 for further direction or call Michael Garron Hospital Triage at 416 469 6580 extension 6216
When paging, give your first and last name, your coordinating midwife’s first and last name, your phone number, the date your baby is due, and the reason why you are paging

Please Write the Name of  Your Coordinating Midwife:





Mehran Bordbar RM
Kristen Campbell RM
Stella Capisciolto RM
Sarah Davies RM
Vanessa Dixon RM
Sarah Fallis RM
Jennifer Gardiner RM
Tracy Gerster RM
Shannon Jones RM
Nabal Kanaan RM
Sophia Kehler RM
Sarah Leslie RM
Melinda Levy RM
Christie Lockhart RM
Katherine O’Brien RM
Simone Rosenberg RM
Kirsten Taylor RM
Esther Willms RM
Sarah Wilson RM
Sarilyn Zimmerman RM