People who are pregnant typically start to feel the baby’s movements between weeks 16-25. Many people describe early movements as a “flutter” or similar to gas.

Fetal movement becomes a reliable measure of fetal wellbeing after 28 weeks of pregnancy. At this point, you should feel a minimum of 6 fetal movements every 2 hours.

Babies do sleep and have periods of rest while in utero.

Daily fetal movement counting is NOT recommended for low risk pregnancies. If you are more than 28 weeks pregnant and are concerned about your baby’s movement, do a kick count:

What is a kick count and how do I do it?

1. Reliable AFTER 28 weeks of pregnancy & should only be done if you are concerned that your baby’s movements are absent or have decreased.

2. Stop what you are doing and find a quiet place to sit/lie down.

3. Have a cold drink of water or something sweet and place your hands on your belly.

4. Focus on counting the baby’s movements (kick, roll etc.).

5. Stop counting once you have felt 6 movements. If two hours pass and you have not felt 6 movements, page your midwife.