About Our Midwives

Midwives in Ontario are primary healthcare providers who specialize in low-risk, healthy pregnancies. Midwives are trained to provide care during pregnancy, labour & birth and up to 6 weeks postpartum. Our midwives can attend births at home, the Toronto Birth Centre or Michael Garron Hospital. You will be provided the information necessary to make decisions about your care that is right for you and your family. Cultural sensitivity is an integral part of midwifery care and your midwife will respect you and your family’s individual needs.

Midwives are fully funded by the Ministry of Health and offer free and complete care for you and your newborn. You do not need to see a family doctor or an obstetrician in addition to your midwives. Your midwife will offer all standard prenatal ultrasounds and blood work and is able to prescribe common medications required in pregnancy & postpartum. At The Midwives’ Clinic (TMC), you will have a midwife available to you by pager 24/7 to assist with any urgent concerns. If complications arise, your midwife will initiate the appropriate consultations with a specialist such as an obstetrician, a pediatrician and/or lactation consultant.

Prenatal visits include: blood pressure checks, routine tests and assessments of baby’s growth, position and heart rate. Information regarding community programs, resources and referrals are also made available.

One midwife is present throughout active labour to assess progress, monitor you and your baby and provide ongoing emotional and physical support. A second midwife will arrive towards the end of your labour to be present for the birth of your baby.

After the birth, both midwives will stay with you for 2-4 hours. They will monitor you and baby, assist with breastfeeding and conduct a complete newborn physical exam. Your midwives will provide home visits in the first week postpartum and appointments in the clinic until your baby is 6 weeks old. Postpartum visits include: initial tests for baby, baby weight checks, postpartum recovery assessments, breastfeeding support and referrals as needed.


College of Midwives of Ontario 
http://www.cmo.on.ca/ or 416-327-0874
The CMO protects the public by regulating the profession of midwifery in accordance with the RHPA and by setting the minimum standard of professional behaviour and clinical practice expected of Midwives in Ontario.

Association of Ontario Midwives 
www.aom.on.ca or 416-425-9974
The AOM provides services for midwives in Ontario.