TMC Prenatal Classes

Due to Covid-19 and the ongoing need for social distancing, The Midwives Clinic is happy to be able to have prenatal classes through Zoom and share in this important and exciting time in your lives. The class will help you feel more confident and prepared for labour, birth and life with your newborn.

The class is taught by experienced and enthusiastic educator Sarilyn Zimmerman. Sarilyn, as a practicing midwife, has attended labour and births in the community for over 26 years,

The prenatal classes are in two sessions of 3.5 hours each. The sessions are usually held on a weekend from 1- 4:30 pm.

In the first class the focus is on labour and birth and learning skills and comfort measures to support and assist you through labour.

The second class you will learn about possible medical procedures and then continuing with what to expect after the baby is born including newborn and breastfeeding basics.

A reasonable time to take the classes is between 26 weeks and 37 weeks gestation. But anytime that works for you is fine.

The fee for the class is $100 or by donation. A percentage of the registration cost will be donated to a service in our community, such as the food bank or to other communities abroad in need of help.

For more details and how to register please email Sarilyn at or text/call Sarilyn at 416-795-6473.

September Class

Saturday, September 18 and Saturday, September 25

October Class (tentative)
Sunday, October 17 and Saturday, October 23 (email to confirm dates)

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If you are unable to attend this class, but wish to take on online prenatal class in the coming months, please note that there are many online options.  Just a few of them… (free ones listed first!)

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I’m looking forward to seeing some of you online in a few weeks!


“This was a fantastic class! We got so much out of it. I thought that a prenatal class might make me more nervous about labour and delivery, but it had the opposite effect! I feel confident and excited!! Thank you!”

—Parent of the Midwives Clinic