TMC Prenatal Classes

Due to Covid-19 and the ongoing need for social distancing, The Midwives Clinic is offering our clients a free online prenatal class via zoom. The classes will be available to all our clients who are in their third trimester.  The class is taught by midwife Ness Dixon and will take place in two 2.5 hr sessions held over two Saturdays (plan to attend both!).  On the first day we will discuss normal labour and comfort strategies and on the second day, we’ll learn about medical interventions, what to expect postpartum and newborn basics.
This class is available for TMC clients and their birth partners having their first baby with due dates June – October. You will receive an email from TMC inviting you and your birth partner to join this class.  If you have had a baby before, and would like a refresher, you can email the clinic at and we will provide you with the link. You do not need to register for the class just click the link in the invitation email at the start time of the course. If you have never used zoom before we suggest you start the login process 5-10 minutes before to trouble shoot any technical issues. We look forward to seeing you online!!
Our June class will be taught by two midwives, Ness Dixon and Sarilyn Zimmerman. Please plan to attend both days if you can.  

Next classes:

July/August: No classes

September: Stay tuned

The cost of the class is free but we will happily receive gift cards to donate to the Rosemary McVey Fund. You can give them to the receptionist or your midwife at your next in person visit. 

Other online prenatal classes you can check out:

If you are unable to attend this class, but wish to take on online prenatal class in the coming months, please note that there are many online options.  Just a few of them… (free ones listed first!)

Jennifer Elliot’s prenatal class click here.

Holiday Tyson’s YouTube Classes:

Prenatal Class part 1: Prenatal 

Prenatal Class part 2: Labour and Birth 

Prenatal Class part 3: Postnatal 


I’m looking forward to seeing some of you online in a few weeks!


“This was a fantastic class! We got so much out of it. I thought that a prenatal class might make me more nervous about labour and delivery, but it had the opposite effect! I feel confident and excited!! Thank you!”

—Parent of the Midwives Clinic