Rosemary McVey Fund

Helping families in our community

As midwives we have a unique experience in seeing the daily lives of so many people in our community. A typical day can lead us to a client’s home that has everything they need for a new baby and excellent family support. The next home we see a client struggling with poverty, with significant barriers to accessing community resources and minimal family support.

As midwives we struggle with these disparities in our community. We want all of our babies and their families to be thriving and happy. Over the years we’ve asked ourselves ‘how can we help?’.

We have historically asked our TMC community to donate car seats, clothes and other baby essentials when the need arises. Time and again you have impressed us with your quick and thoughtful outpouring of generosity. We also feel so fortunate as midwives because we love the satisfaction our job brings to us and then we have clients who give us gifts at their graduation visit as well.

We’re hoping to make this generosity more organized within our small birthing community to help the families we look after. We hope that clients will consider giving gift cards to grocery stores, pharmacies and baby stores instead of personal gifts to their midwives, so that we can pass them on to our clients in need. You can give them to your midwife directly or to the admin staff at the front desk. Thank you so much in advance!!

Rosemary McVey’s Biography

Rosemary McVeigh

Rosemary McVey was one of the founding partners of The Midwives’ Clinic of East York-Don Mills. After a 20 year career as a nurse at The Hospital of Sick Children she returned to school to study midwifery. She graduated from Ryerson with a Bachelor in Health Science – Midwifery in 2001 and started working at Riverdale Community Midwives. Rosemary was enthusiastic about opening a new practice in East York so that there was access to midwifery for all who needed and wanted midwifery care. The Midwives Clinic was opened in 2002. Rosemary is remembered as a kind, compassionate and skilled midwife. She was an excellent teacher. She formed good relationships with her clients and her clients appreciated her warmth and skills. She brought a great sense of humour, sense of style, excellent organizational skills and love for the profession of midwifery to our new clinic. Sadly she died in February 2006. We are forever grateful for her part in starting The Midwives’ Clinic of East York-Don Mills.