Prenatal Classes at TMC

Looking for a prenatal classes? Kirsten is doing our July classes! Please share to get the word out!
You don’t have to be a client of our clinic to sign up.
Session: July 15th and 29th from 9:30 – 4:30pm
Sign up required, please email Kirsten at

Prenatal Classes are offered at our office that are taught by a registered midwife and are open to our clients and the general public.

The class covers many topics, including:

1) the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy
2) understanding the stages of labour and birth
3) comfort techniques for labour
4) variations of labour and common medical procedures
5) the postpartum mom
7) breastfeeding
8) the newborn

It is an interactive course with lots of discussion and time for questions! It is also a great opportunity to meet other people embarking on parenthood and form connections that can be invaluable, especially in that first year postpartum!