Rhogam and Your Blood Type

Is your blood type Rh-? Learn more about Rhogam

Clients who have Rh- blood type will to go to Michael Garron Hospital when they are approximately 28 weeks pregnant to get their Rhogam injection.

You will be given a package of forms to read and sign by your midwife prior to your 28th week.

Once you have been given your package you need to call The Family Birthing Centre at Michael Garron Hospital to book your appointment at 416-469-6130.

Appointments are booked on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, please check in with the reception desk at the Family Birthing Centre (J Wing, 7th floor).

Make sure you bring your Health Card, Federal Health papers or South Riverdale Community Health Centre papers with you for your appointment.

At this appointment you will have blood taken again to make sure you need Rhogam. This will take approximately 2 hours to get results, so you may want to bring a book.

What is Rhogam and why is it important?
When you have your blood taken in the first trimester your midwife will determine your blood group and Rh factor. Rh is a blood cell factor. If you have this factor you are considered Rh positive (Rh+) and if you do not, then you are Rh negative (Rh-).

If you are Rh negative and your blood mixes with even a small amount of baby’s blood you can develop antibodies; this is called sensitization. If you become sensitized, your antibodies could try to fight your baby’s blood because it considers it to be foreign. This can lead to serious illness in your baby, and is especially important for future pregnancies.

To prevent sensitization if you are Rh-, you will be given an injection of Rhogam at 28 weeks of pregnancy or after any serious bleeding in pregnancy. Rhogam prevents you from developing antibodies against Rh+ blood.

Right after your baby is born your midwife will take some blood from the umbilical cord. The blood in the cord is your baby’s blood and she will send this to the hospital lab and they will type it. If your baby’s blood is Rh- then you will be given another injection of Rhogam. This injection of Rhogam is usually given within the first three days after your baby is born and will be either given to you at Michael Garron Hospital or at home.