When to page your midwife after the birth

Paging Instructions – PAGER: 416 467-6616

Please page us if you experience any of the following symptoms or any time you have urgent concerns.

When you page your midwife, please give your first and last name, your phone number, the date your baby is due and the reason why you are paging.

If you do not hear back from your midwife in 15 minutes, page again.

If you still don’t hear back, page another midwife or call the clinic for information.

On rare occasions, our paging system is unavailable, this is usually for a short period of time. In this case, call the clinic office at 416 424-1976 for instructions or call Michael Garron Hospital maternal triage at 416 469-6580 extension 6216.

Call 911 and then page your midwife if:

  • The baby is blue, not breathing or if you can’t wake up the baby
  • You experience very heavy vaginal bleeding eg. lot of large clots

Page your midwife after giving birth if you have:

  • Completely soaked through a maternity pad in 30 minutes or less
  • Passed more than 1 large blood clot
  • A fever of greater than 38 degrees C/ 100.4 degrees F
  • A sore, red, painful, hot area on your breast or chest
  • Any flu-like symptoms
  • Persistent uterine tenderness
  • A vaginal discharge that smells very bad. It should smell like a normal period but a bit stronger
  • Returned to heavy, bright red vaginal bleeding after vaginal flow has decreased
  • Blurry vision, upper abdominal pain and severe headache
  • Ongoing feelings of depression, uncontrolled crying, inability to sleep or eat, extreme anxiety or agitation
  • Sore reddened, painful, hot area on your leg, especially the calf
  • Severe chest pain

Page your midwife if your baby:

  • Has poor colour – blue or gray face or chest
  • Appears to be having difficulty breathing
  • Has not peed or passed meconium (the baby’s sticky, dark first poo) in the first 24 hours after the birth
  • Is lethargic and is not interested in feeding for greater than 6 hours
  • Is more yellow or jaundiced than the previous day
  • Has repeated projectile vomiting that is, vomiting that is sudden and with such force that goes a long distance
  • Has a temperature of greater than 37.5 degrees C/ 99.5 degrees F or less than 36.3 degrees C/97.3 degrees F

Call the office:

  • to inquire about an appointment
  • for discomforts of post-pregnancy, i.e. backache, rash, indigestion, swelling of feet
  • to check on lab results
  • if you have symptoms of a bladder infection (pain or burning while peeing)

Note: messages will be picked up Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.