Leaving midwifery care

Keeping in touch

It’s amazing how quickly the 6 weeks after the birth of your baby will go and sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to your midwives. You can keep in touch by ‘liking’ our Facebook Page or following us on Instagram or Twitter. and remaining subscribed to our mail list. You will be notified about our annual reunion picnic and about community activities and actions that you may wish to be involved with.

Client donations

Clothing: If you wish to donate baby clothes or maternity wear, please speak to your midwife or call the clinic prior to dropping them off. It is important to call as we have limited space in our clinic to store donations and sometimes we have enough.  Please wash and fold the donations as they will be given directly to clients that need them. If you are currently living with bed bugs please do not donate to us.

Books: We would love your books on pregnancy and childbirth for our library.
Car seats and baby furniture: Please speak to your midwife or call us if you have these items to donate. We often have clients in care that would appreciate these items and we can arrange for them to pick them up at the clinic. Please do not drop them off without calling first as we have limited space to store them.
Gifts to your midwives: Gifts to your midwives are not necessary but if you would still like to give them a gift, consider donating to the Rosemary McVey Fund or the Michael Garron Hospital Foundation.
Give us your feedback!
At your 6 week discharge visit your midwife will give you a package. In the package there will be a client satisfaction form that you can fill out. You can fill out the paper copy or you can do it either online or in pdf format and email it to us. You are welcome to email it to themidwivesclinic@gmail.com or mail it to us at 3-1 Leaside Park Dr, Toronto, On, M4H 1R1.