CoVid-19 Vaccine

The Ontario Ministry of Health has released their vaccine distribution plan (PDF, 620 KB). Currently, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine may not be available for pregnant persons because there is not any safety data on the use of the vaccine in this population. The Public Health Agency of Canada states that pregnant and lactating people should wait for more safety data before they have the vaccine. 

For people at higher risk (e.g. health-care providers working with a COVID-positive population, people with risk factors), a risk-benefit discussion is warranted with the health-care provider administering the vaccine. In these cases, the benefits of the vaccine may outweigh the risk. The Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine in the US has issued a statement (PDF, 113 KB) to this effect. 

The new SOGC guidance on COVID-19 (PDF, 704 KB) considers the question of vaccination for pregnant people. See below their reaffirmed Consensus Statement dated Jan 4th, 2021. 

Consensus Statement: For individuals who are at high risk of infection and/or morbidity from COVID19, it is the SOGC’s position that the documented risk of not getting the COVID-19 vaccine outweighs the theorized and undescribed risk of being vaccinated during pregnancy or while breastfeeding and vaccination should be offered.

The Ministry of Health has developed a number of educational documents for health-care workers on the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (the one vaccine that is currently approved for use in Canada). These may be of interest to our midwifery clients:

About Vaccines (PDF, 89 KB)

Vaccine Administration (PDF, 95 KB)

Vaccine Availability and Rollout (PDF, 102 KB)

Approval Process and Safety (PDF, 166 KB)

Vaccine Information Sheet (PDF, 156 KB)

Managing Health Care Workers with Symptoms within 48 Hours of Receiving the Vaccine (PDF, 582)

These documents are also available in French:

À propos des vaccins (PDF, 86 KB)

Administration du vaccin (PDF, 116 KB)

Disponibilité et déploiement du vaccin (PDF, 96 KB)

Processus d’approbation et sécurité (PDF, (104 KB)

Fiche d’information sur le vaccin (PDF, 130 KB)

Gestion des travailleurs de la santé présentant des symptômes dans les 48 heures suivant la réception du vaccin (PDF, 789 KB)

(Source: Association of Ontario Midwives)