Toronto Birth Centre


  • Effective Oct 14th, 2020, TBC is increasing restrictions on support people accompanying people in labour at TBC. 
  • Clients in labour are limited to one support person from their family. If they have planned the participation of a trained doula and/or Indigenous knowledge keeper, we have asked them to discuss it their midwives so that exceptions to the one-person limit can be made.
  • Clients with children should make plans for them to be cared for elsewhere.
  • We expect everyone to participate in the following measures while at TBC. Those who do not will be asked to leave.
    • Answer screening questions before entering the space. Midwives will first screen their clients by phone or in person, before arriving at the TBC. Staff continue to do active screening on site.
    • Wear a mask, and clean your hands frequently. Support people must keep their mask on at all times, covering both nose and mouth. Clients in advanced stages of labour can negotiate with their midwives about removing their mask in birth room spaces in advanced stages of labour. TBC provides level 1 masks for midwives and students doing client care with low risk of splash, and level 2 or 3 for higher risk of splash. 
    • Maintain distance of 2 metres (six feet) from others wherever possible.