Michael Garron Hospital

The birthing unit is equipped with items (PPE) required to care for pregnant people with COVID-19. All people entering the hospital will be screened for CoVID-19. You can only enter the Coxwell Ave entrance when going to Labour and Delivery regardless of time of day. If you are less than 20 weeks gestation and require emergency services you will go to the emergency entrance and seek care there. Labouring clients can have 1 support person for the duration of their stay, this person is not interchangeable with another.  All other appointments at the hospital can have one person accompanying you. Children under the age of 16 will not be able to visit the hospital at this time.

It’s currently recommended that people who are CoVID-19 positive or People Under Investigation (PUI) for CoVID-19 should have external fetal monitoring and epidural for their labours. This is due to the many uncertainties during the labouring process with people who are ill. Your midwife will discuss these recommendations with you if you become positive or have symptoms of CoVID-19. All people who are either CoVID-19 positive or a PUI will be placed in a single room for the entirety of their stay. 

Due to the growing number of CoVID-19 cases in the Toronto shelter system our hospital will be initially isolating clients who live in a shelter. What does that look like? When you talk to your midwife on the phone they will screen you for symptoms of CoVID-19. When you arrive at the hospital you will be admitted directly into a room instead of being assessed in triage. 

All of our clients are asked to register at the hospital, regardless of planned place of birth. You can register by faxing your registration forms before 30 weeks, the forms can be retrieved here. If you do not have access to a fax machine bring your forms to your next in-person visit and we will fax them for you. 

Michael Garron Hospital Breastfeeding Clinic 416-469-6580, extension 6667 to book an appointment. Due to Covid-19 your first visit will be a virtual appointment with a Lactation Consultant. They will then book you an in-person visit after this based on need. Currently there is no drop-in option due to the requirement to socially distance and the cleaning requirements of Covid-19. As of Aug 17th, 2020 the clinic will be open 5 days a week being closed on Wednesday and Sunday.  

Visitors Policy as of Oct 9, 2020 for Michael Garron Hospital (MGH):

All Units:

  • Masks must be worn in public spaces (hallways) and at all times in shared rooms and spaces.
  • Visitors must wash their hands regularly and maintain physical distance with other patients and visitors.
  • No visitor should be under the age of 16.
  • The visitor is determined by the patient or the patient’s guardian.
  • Exceptions can be made via management or in consultation with charge nurse ie. in person interpreters, additional supports for bereavement, family meetings or parent education. 

Family Birthing Centre (FBC):

  • The birthing person and their support person should wear their medical mask when any healthcare worker enters their room, this includes during the pushing stage and during an epidural procedure. A medical mask will be provided upon entry to MGH. 
  • Clients should wear medical masks when in shared treatment areas such as DI, or when traveling within the hospital and accessing outdoor spaces.
  • Only 1 designated visitor a day.
  • A maximum of 2 different visitors for the entire patient stay. 
  • No in-and-out privileges:
    • Exceptions can be made for getting care seat, food or supporting discharge.
    • Exceptions can be allowing for flexibility during a prolonged labour if necessary in consultation with management or charge nurse. 

Special Care Nursery (SCN):

  • 1 parents/guardians at a time.
  • A maximum of two different visitors for the entire patient stay. 

G7- Paediatrics:

  • 1 parent/guardian at a time for Inpatient Paediatrics. 
  • A maximum of 2 different visitors for the entire patient stay. 
  • 1 parent/guardian at a time for Day Surgery, Blood work or Pre-Operative visits.