Home birth and postpartum home visits

Your midwife will be wearing the appropriate PPE when in your home.  When we visit we ask that you provide paper towel in the bathroom or kitchen so we can dry our hands off after hand washing. When we visit we hope that family members who are in contact with our midwives will be wearing masks and keep social distancing measures whenever possible.

We continue to offer out-of-hospital births both at the TBC and home. This is a great way to keep clients and babies out of the hospital. As always, we need to be certain that every person requesting an out-of-hospital birth is a good candidate. If any household members are sick or have screened positive for COVID-19, midwives will not be able to attend you at home and will request that the birth occurs in the hospital where there is a supply of masks and gowns. You can find more information here regarding home birth during the pandemic. 

As of July 2nd, 2020 clients can have two support people present at their home birth. This includes other family members or a doula. We request that the birth guests wear masks and socially distance as necessary.