Newborn 101

Sunday September 19th from 10am – 12:30 pm on Zoom

Saturday October 16th from 10am-12:30pm on zoom

Saturday November 13 from 10am-12:30 pm on zoom

Saturday December 11 from 10am-12:30pm on zoom

Saturday January 8 from 10am-1230pm on zoom

Saturday February 5 from 10am-1230pm on zoom


Please email to sign up or for more information. Please include the date of the course you are interested in taking in the subject line of your email. 

Course Description:
Welcoming your baby to the world can be a transformational event in any one’s life, and unfortunately, babies don’t come with a manual. We have created this course with you in mind, whether you are new parents, experienced parents, or even soon-to-be grandparents, this course covers the A-Z of what to expect with a newborn from sleep to feeding to diapering a baby.

By joining us you can expect to walk away with the following:

  1. Identify normal newborn appearances and behaviour
  2. Understand the basics around an ideal latch for breastfeeding
  3. Learn about healing and recovery from birth and information about postpartum mood disorders
  4. Baby hygiene (diapering, bathing and dressing baby)
  5. What to expect from a newborn, including sleep, and how you can grab some zzz’s too.
  6. Normalizing the 4th Trimester and how to cope
  7. How to build your village

You will also receive our Postpartum Survival Guide, which covers everything we cover in class, this way if you forget anything after baby arrives you have easy access to all the information in your trusted guide.

Course Instructor

Sarah Leslie

Sarah is a Registered Midwife at The Midwives’ Clinic of East York Don Mills and has worked with clients and their families since 2003. She is an Adjunct Professor and a Teaching Assistant at Ryerson University for the Midwifery Education Programme. Sarah envisions this class as an opportunity to start a conversation about how life changes with a newborn. She will cover the basic daily things you need to know while touching on the larger issues of parenting. 



This class was exceptional and I would highly recommend it, especially for first time parents. There is a lot to navigate during pregnancy, and trying to plan for your first child is incredibly overwhelming (at least for me!). The instructors provided helpful information about everything that one needs to know in order to enter into parenthood. They also took the time to answer everyone’s questions so that we could all learn together. I feel much more confident to give birth in a few months and much less overwhelmed after taking this class. Thank you so much for offering it!

– TMC client


Really loved the focus not just on the baby but also on the parents involved. Healing, maintaining your relationship and recognizing signs of mood disorders in your partner was really helpful. The first 24 hours with a newborn was also a highlight as I feel confident if you can get past that you can make it! Thank you again Megan for a great class.

– New Parent