Newborn 101

Upcoming dates (at The Midwives’ Clinic). Please email to sign up for more information. 

Nov 30, 2019 (Megan Tasker)
Sun Jan 19, 2020 (Megan Tasker)
Sun Feb 23, 2020 (Vanessa Dixon RM)
Sun Mar 22, 2020 (Megan Tasker)
Sun Apr 19, 2020 (Vanessa Dixon RM)

Welcoming your baby to the world can be a transformational event in any one’s life, and unfortunately, babies don’t come with a manual. We have created this course with you in mind, whether you are new parents, experienced parents, or even soon-to-be grandparents, this course covers the A-Z of what to expect with a newborn from sleep to feeding to diapering a baby.

By joining us you can expect to walk away with the following:

  1. Identify normal newborn appearances and behaviour
  2. Understand the basics around an ideal latch for breastfeeding
  3. Learn about healing and recovery from birth and information about postpartum mood disorders
  4. Baby hygiene (diapering, bathing and dressing baby)
  5. What to expect from a newborn, including sleep, and how you can grab some zzz’s too.
  6. Normalizing the 4th Trimester and how to cope
  7. How to build your village

You will also receive our Postpartum Survival Guide, which covers everything we cover in class, this way if you forget anything after baby arrives you have easy access to all the information in your trusted guide.

Course Instructors

Megan Tasker

Megan is a childbirth and infant sleep educator, doula, yoga instructor, and a single mother by choice, Megan is passionate about supporting expectant parents, no matter their family structure, through this life changing journey. Megan is an enthusiastic, and non-judgmental support, who infuses her classes with humour, lively dialogue, and is sensitive to the unique needs and desires of the families who’ve entrusted her to be their support. Before getting in to birth work, Megan spent over a decade working in research focusing much of her energy in maternal and sexual health. She holds a Masters degree in Sociology.




Vanessa Dixon

I was born at home in to the hands of a midwife here in Toronto and have known since childhood that I wanted to be one myself. Before attending midwifery school my adventures included teaching yoga, earning a master’s degree in global public health, collaborating on community based HIV prevention projects, working on reproductive health research of all kinds, and giving birth to my daughter at home in 2009.

In the spring of 2015 I graduated with honours from the Ryerson Midwifery Education Program. Throughout my training I had the privilege of working with clients and families from many diverse backgrounds and communities and came to love midwifery for its blend of personal relationships, science and social justice.

It is an honour to support the clients of The Midwifery Clinic of East York-Don Mills as they grow their families. When not catching babies I can be found growing, cooking and eating food, riding my bike or spending time with my daughter.

I practice within the standards and guidelines of the College of Midwives of Ontario. I maintain current neonatal resuscitation, CPR, and Emergency Skills certification and regularly attend continuing education workshops, hospital rounds, and peer review.