Birth at the Toronto Birth Centre

We support out-of-hospital birth as an informed choice for low risk pregnancies.  You could choose to give birth at the Toronto Birth Centre.

What happens at a typical birth at a birth centre?
Your midwife and student will tell you when to page or call once you are in labour. They will assess your labour over the phone or in person to decide the best time for you to go to the birth centre.
 For example, if this is your first baby, your midwife may assess you at home once an active pattern has been established, and labour with you at home until it is time to go to the birth centre. At the birth centre, a staff person called a Birth Centre Aide will assist your midwife to bring you to your labour room and orient you to the birth centre. The Birth Centre Aide will provide assistance and support to your family and your midwife throughout your labour and birth.

Just like a home birth, two midwives will attend your birth, as well as a student if you have one involved in your care.
 If complications arise that require you to give birth in a hospital you will either go by car or ambulance to the hospital. If there is an immediate emergency you will be transported by ambulance to St Michael’s Hospital and if you and your baby are stable then we will transport you by ambulance to our home hospital, Michael Garron Hospital. If your birth is normal you will be able to stay at the birth centre for up to four hours after your baby’s birth. At this point you will be discharged to your home. The birth centre is not meant as a place to stay for an extended period of time following birth. If you or your baby need close observation after the birth, you will be transferred to a hospital.

The birth centre is a teaching facility for normal birth. Birth centres provide opportunities for midwifery students and other health care professionals-in-training to learn about normal birth. With your permission, a student in placement at the Toronto Birth Centre may be involved in your care.

(The above information is republished with permission from the Toronto Birth Centre website