Preparing for birth

Regular Clinic Visits:
In addition to providing clinical care during your visits, your midwife can answer your questions and concerns about your pregnancy, preparing for birth, and the postpartum. It can be helpful to write your questions down as they arise between visits to act as a reminder at your regularly scheduled visits.

Clinic Library and Resource Binders:
The Midwives’ Clinic keeps a selection of books on pregnancy, birth and early parenting that are available for clients to borrow using the sign out folder at the front desk. There are a number of resource binders in the waiting area with information about self-care, community resources and other pregnancy and birth related topics that you are welcome to explore while you are in clinic.

Childbirth preparation classes:
The Midwives’ Clinic offers a 4 week series of 2.5 hour prenatal classes to our clients and their support person run by a registered midwife to help with the preparation for the birth experience and the first days and weeks of parenting. Topics include:

  • The anatomy of the pregnant body
  • Common concerns of the third trimester
  • The stages of labour & what to expect
  • Coping mechanisms & support measures
  • Relaxation & breathing techniques
  • Change in birth plans
  • Postpartum care for mom and baby
  • Breastfeeding

Classes are not funded by the Ministry of Health and a fee of $250 per couple is charged.  If this fee is not possible at this time please talk to your midwife about a reduced fee.

Your midwife can also provide you with a list of childbirth preparation classes offered in the community including breastfeeding preparation classes run by Michael Garron Hospital, Queer Positive prenatal classes and Hypnobirthing classes.

Hypnobirthing classes will help you to learn how to give birth in a relaxed and confident way through the understanding of the birth process as well as breathing and relaxation techniques.

Toronto Birth Centre (TBC) and Home birth information nights:
Information nights are offered monthly to clients and their support people who are interested in more information about giving birth at home or the Toronto Birth Centre. Sign up at the front desk, there is no charge for these sessions. The information night includes the chance to:

  • Learn about the benefits and risks associated with TBC or home birth
  • See how midwives set up for a TBC or home birth and learn about the equipment we carry to make it a safe choice
  • Learn about the special training midwives receive to make TBC or home birth a safe option
  • Ask any questions you or your support people may have about TBC or home birth
  • Meet some families who have had a TBC or home birth and hear their stories.

Toronto Birth Centre (TBC) and Michael Garron Hospital Tours:
Tours can be arranged by contacting each site: by calling the TBC at 416-366-8080 and calling the main line at Michael Garron Hospital at 416-461-8272 and asking for the labour & delivery reception.


CoVid Update:

Toronto Birth Centre: TBC Staff are piloting online tours of the TBC for pregnant people and their supports. We hope to address the need for information in the void left by cancellation of in-person tours due to the pandemic. Registration is required by emailing Future plans for online tours will be based on experience with the pilot as well as demand. If you have feedback about the availability of tours to your clients, please email it to Thanks!

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