Preparing a birth bag for a hospital or birth centre birth

Please gather the following at least one month before your baby is due:

For the Birth

  • Large T-shirt for you to give birth in
  • Notebook to keep labour notes
  • Hot water bottle – very helpful for back labour
  • Extra pillows – never enough at the hospital
  • Lip moisturizer
  • Small container of olive oil – for baby’s bottom
  • Food for labour and for after birth (juices, honey, granola bars, herbal tea, cheese, nuts, seeds, fresh and/or dried fruit, sandwiches, soup, Gatorade or ice cubes made from fruit juice (keep in a thermos) and honey)
  • Camera
  • MP3 Player/iPod
  • Bathing suit for your partner/support person if they want to support you in the whirlpool bath or shower

For after the baby is born

For You

  • Slippers, housecoat, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, large menstrual pads (night time Kotex Maxi pads or Poise extra large pads or adult diapers)
  • Clothes to wear home
  • Ibuprofen 200 mg for pain relief

For Your Baby

  • 2 cotton hats
  • Newborn diapers
  • Clothes for baby to wear home
  • Infant car seat 

Other supplies you may find helpful to have at home

  • Gravol (or Life Brand dimenihydranate) 50mg tablets
  • Ibuprofen 200mg – for pain relief AFTER the baby is born
  • Epson salts or herbal sitz bath
  • Arnica 200c. – a homeopathic remedy for bruising and swelling
  • Bach Flower Rescue Remedy – pastilles or liquid – for emotional balance
  • Digital thermometer