Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a midwife and a doctor?
No, you can’t have both a midwife and a doctor as your primary care provider. Midwives, obstetricians, and family physicians are all considered primary caregivers in Ontario. A primary caregiver is the person who is most responsible for your care. To have two primary caregivers is a duplication of health care services. However, if your pregnancy requires a consultation or transfer of care your midwife will consult the appropriate doctor or specialist, such as your family doctor, an obstetrician, pediatrician or lactation consultant. In most scenarios your midwife will still remain your primary care provider. Occasionally a transfer of care may be required and then your midwife will provide you with supportive care.

What if my care or my babies care is transferred to a doctor?
Sometimes your care will be transferred but your babies won’t or your baby’s care will be transferred and yours won’t. In these situations, the midwife will continue to be the primary caregiver for either you or your baby. In any transfer of care your midwife will remain in supportive care. She will answer any questions you might have and act as your advocate.

Will I have to pay for a midwife?
No. Midwifery care is fully funded through the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

When should I come to see a midwife?
You can fill out our intake form on our website as soon as you know you are pregnant. Our administrative staff will call you within a few days to book your initial appointment with your midwife. If you would feel more comfortable to do the intake over the phone, you are welcome to call, and one of our administrators will fill out the form with you.  If you do the intake over the phone, you will still have to wait a few days to book your initial appointment, as we need this time to assign you to a midwife. Please call as soon as you are pregnant or know that you want a midwife, as we fill up very quickly and often have a waiting list. If you decide later in pregnancy to change from a doctor to a midwife, you can be accepted into care if there are spots available. We will request your records from your previous caregiver to continue your care.

Is there any reason why I can’t have a midwife?
Midwives are specialists in normal, healthy pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum care. If you have a previous or current health problem please include it on your intake form. If you have a significant health problem a midwife will review your form and may call you to discuss this prior to an appointment being made.